Community Guidelines

Welcome to LaLaLi!

LaLaLi is like a huge singing session for you and your friends to have a great time building your
skills and seeing how you measure up to others. It’s a great musical experience where you can
listen, improve, challenge others, and move up the ranks of people from all over.
Community Guidelines are here to help us all have a fun time on LaLaLi. Your use of LaLaLi is
subject to these Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions of Use. If you are found in violation,
your account will be banned.

Things you should do:

Be nice

Be polite and respectful in your interaction with other members. Keep in mind that
LaLaLi is a community and certain interactions that may seem fun or harmless to you
may be perceived completely differently by another member. Treat others the way you
would like to be treated! Feel free to communicate your ideas, your suggestions and your

Have fun

LaLaLi’s a place for you to be yourself. Whether you are singing, learning or challenging
others – just remember to have fun!

Talk to us

You are an integral part of what makes LaLaLi work and grow. Keep your behavior in
line and report others who do not adhere to the Community Guidelines by using our
reporting features in the apps. Let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns at

Things you should NOT do:

Don’t be a bully

This goes hand-in-hand with being polite and respectful. LaLaLi is not a venue for you to
harass, abuse, or intimidate others. In fact, there’s never a venue, place, reason, or context
where it’s okay for you to harass, abuse, or intimidate others. Never.

Don’t post illegal, inappropriate, or copyrighted content

LaLaLi reserves the right to review any material flagged by LaLaLi members and may
remove it if deemed inappropriate for the community, in violation of copyright or
prohibited. This may include content with obscenity, sexual material, or hate speech. If
the content is in violation, it will be removed and repeated violations will result in your
account being banned.

Don’t be someone you’re not

LaLaLi is about real people. No one likes a fake. Do not create multiple accounts on
LaLaLi for the purpose of harassment, boosting a performance’s visibility, or any form of
abusive behavior. Such actions will lead to your account(s) being banned.

Don’t be a troll

Don’t be an albatross around the neck of the community. If you are found to be toxic and
undermining the community’s core mission, your account will be banned.

Don’t give away sensitive information like password, account information, etc.

At LaLaLi we work hard to protect your private information. Be cautious about any
request for your personal information.